Beach entrances

The beach exerts a magical attraction on its guests. The beach entrances take you directly to the sea, crossing the approximately 25 meter wide coastal protection dune and the newly built dune promenade.

... the direct route to the beach

A beach villa is of course in close proximity to the beach. This is also the case with Haus Hubertus. Guests can find a short route to the beach at beach entrances 11 and 12.

If you want to go to the beach with your dog, use sections 1 or 21/22, which are designated dog beaches in Boltenhagen. In addition, from beach entrance 02, the natural beach is intended for guests with dogs.

If you would like to rent a beach chair near Haus Hubertus, you can contact the following beach chair rental companies:

Beach entrance 11 Siegfried Laskowski 01575 – 79 28 685

Beach entrance 12 Heike Wehr 0172 – 35 24 405