Coastal protection forest

What did you know about the coastal protection forest?

A very special forest

The coastal protection forest was planted along the road to Tarnewitz from 1870 onwards according to a decree from the Grand Duke of Schwerin. Today it still extends to a depth of approx. 200 m - virtually undeveloped - 4 km through Boltenhagen, and acts as a natural green barrier the row of villas from today's Ostseeallee. The forest consists primarily of Black pines, mixed with various deciduous trees - some of the trees actually are 150 years old.

From the beach side you can actually only see forest without any buildings. Nothing is higher than the treetops - a very special coastal impression that is pretty much unique for a Baltic Sea resort.

The salty sea air mixes with the resin aroma of the coniferous trees, and the shade of the trees brings a pleasant coolness to the Villa Hubertus property even in midsummer. The forest paths in the coastal protection forest, which also contain fitness trails and various sports equipment, are an ideal place for children, cycling or walking the dog. Even in winter, when there are predominantly westerly winds, the coastal protection forest offers protection for the Hubertus beach villa and the beautiful forest park property.
For the guests of Haus Hubertus, a private driveway leads directly from the Ostseeallee on a - deliberately unpaved - path through the coastal protection forest to the central promenade to the Hubertus beach villa.