About the history of the house

1906 planned by the Berlin government builders Solf & Wichards for the general director of Deutsche Bank Berlin Kloenne for year-round use as an exclusive private holiday home. The original size of the forest property was 12,000 m2 and was Büdnerei XII.

“The building is one of the most important construction projects in the Baltic Sea resort. [...] a perfect 'urban villa' in design and construction [...] Characteristic of its architecture is, in addition to the rock-solid execution (with building materials of the very highest quality), an appealing, elegant objectivity, which, using brick surfaces, wooden constructions and strong roof structures, is the usual style of the time has overcome the penchant for creative overload and pomp.”
(Dr. P. Lemburg, architect and building historian)

1922 the villa changed hands.

1945 It was sold to the Berlin black market dealer Vierke, who used it privately as a holiday home until 1961. Afterwards an expropriation took place.

1970 The National People's Army took over the house and converted it into a medical facility for the Tarnewitz naval base. New dormers were installed in the attic and an apartment was set up for the staff doctor. The medical staff's treatment rooms were on the ground floor, a dentist's office and a pharmacy on the first floor.

1991 The house was restituted to Mr. Vierke's children.

1993 The current owner Thomas Neuffer rented the two upper floors
for a real estate office, 3 holiday apartments and a private apartment. There was also a dentist's office on the ground floor.

1997 Thomas Neuffer bought the house, had it renovated in 1998 according to monument protection guidelines and expanded with a stylish extension and balconies/roof terraces. The ground floor was used privately, and seven holiday apartments were set up on the first and second floors and attic.

2003 Redesign of the outdoor area with a rhododendron garden.

2014 The large holiday apartment was created on the ground floor.

Since 2019 Supervision and management of the holiday apartments directly by the owner.

2021/22 Elaborate renovation and thematic redesign of the apartments and the Neuffer Ostseeimmobilien office.