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Boltenhagen - The Baltic seaside resort and its history

Experience the fascinating development of the Baltic seaside resort of Boltenhagen in an exclusive illustrated book. On 148 pages with 265 impressive illustrations, the historical story of Boltenhagen comes to life. From a tranquil fishing and farming village to a popular seaside resort since 1803, from the establishment of the first guesthouses and hotels to the devastating storm surge of 1872 - this book takes you on a journey through time.

Find out more about the local fishing industry, the Tarnewitz test site, the expropriations of 1953 and the turbulent period of change in 1989. A must for all history and Baltic Sea enthusiasts!


With environmentally friendly electric bikes from bikeMAKI, you can explore the beautiful nature and the numerous sights in the area at your own pace. The fleet of e-bikes includes a variety of models designed specifically for your comfort and enjoyment.

The guests of the Hubertus house can look forward to this partner offer! There are 6 e-bikes (normal ones and also a cargo bike) available in the carport.


Mühlenbach Ranch

Discover the Mühlenbach Ranch - the home for western riding in MV. Since December 2021, the ranch has not only been offering professional riding lessons under the management of experienced horse farmer Katharina Hehl, but also first-class conditions for horses. The horses enjoy the best possible conditions in spacious open group stables with continuous access to pasture, hay and fresh water. In addition, the adjoining riding area with endless country lanes and impressive forests promises a special kind of riding experience.


Valley wines for connoisseurs

Weingärtnergenossenschaft Hohenneuffen-Teck e.G. welcomes you to the blue wall at the foot of the Swabian Alb. Step into a world of high-altitude vineyards with a unique climate and special Jura soils, which clearly distinguish them from other vineyards in Württemberg. Not far from the famous excursion destination of Hohenneuffen Castle, the vineyards extend over several towns and villages, where the winegrowers cultivate traditional grape varieties - especially the characteristic Silvaner - as well as new grape varieties such as Sauvitage and Sauvignac on around 30 hectares of vineyards. The high quality standards and the passion of the winegrowers are reflected in every glass of wine and contribute significantly to the preservation of the traditional wine culture on the Albtrauf. Discover the exquisite taste of these unique wines and be inspired by the character of the wines from the foothills of the Swabian Alb.


Magma glass design

Magma Glasdesign takes you into the enchanting world of handmade unique glass items. This manufactory creates unique products such as glass washstands, washbasins and shower doors, as well as stylish glass lamps. It is above all the unique pieces made of colored glass that give every environment, whether private or commercial, an incomparable charm. Magma Glasdesign also offers exceptional glass infrared radiators and glass radiator cladding that stylishly enhance any room. The dedicated team will be happy to provide individual advice.